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Advanced School Management Software offered by Entab

11 March 2013 / by The CampusEra (author)

The technological advancement has gone a long way. Today, Arthur C. Clarke's popular quote seems appropriately applicable - "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Yes, the contemporary era is experiencing magic every day and it is this growth that has made life easier for us. Technology has made its way to each and every sphere of life, even in the education sector. The modern school management software systems are the greatest example of the use of IT in maintaining the smooth functioning of schools and other educational institutes.

It is the age of going absolutely paper free and the availability of advanced school ERP software solutions which provides a convenient option for sharing the administrative burden. Since school management has to maintain a lot of records like storing personal information of students, recording attendance, progress reports and issuing notices etc., it is a must for them to adopt reliable software to ensure a hassle-free and simplified running of various operational needs.

With an unmatched range of features, Entab has pretty much redefined the product space and is currently in use at over 800 institutions (and counting), including universities, international schools, day and residential schools and colleges. With its massive user base and sheer diversity of requirements, Entab is constantly growing, pushing the envelope in terms of features and support for different operational models.

Take a look at the major advantages of school management software:

Unburdens the Staff
The best part of applying ERP software in a school is the fact that it reduces the administrative burden of teachers and other staff members. This enables the manpower to focus their attention on teaching, grooming and training the students in a better manner. When the teachers get to maintain all the records with few clicks, they definitely have more time and energy for improving their training methods.

Eradicates Paper Work
An advanced school automation system almost eliminates the lengthy paper work. The paper free classes automatically increase the entire organization’s efficiency, which is immensely helpful for the administrative staff, the management, teachers as well as the students.

Study Documentation
Software-based management is not only more efficient but is also more reliable as it does not suffer the limitations of paper based records. The stereotype attendance registers, examination & marksheets, assessment reports and all other files are always prone to many risks like human errors and distortion. Paper records can be manipulated, destroyed or affected by anybody and thus require more care. The software based administrative system on the other hand is much dependable with its secure panels and apt backup systems.

Ensures Better Overall Efficiency
The application of school ERP software directly enhances the efficiency of all its resources. Today's cutting-edge technology offers many powerful solutions and forms a base for all-round improvement. Along with helping the institute's employees and management, the use of such a system also provides a flexible, convenient, communicative and interactive learning medium to the students.


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