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Fevicol Science Project Challenge 2012

10 October 2012 / by The CampusEra (author) / Mumbai
Fevicol Science Project Challenge (photo: )

Fevicol Science Project Challenge

Fevicol Science Project is an annual nationwide competition that finds talent from all schools in the country. It encourages budding young talented children and gives them a great kick start to pursue their interest further.

Principals and teachers have immensely supported Fevicol Science Project Challenge and persuaded our cause of art & craft through various activities in their schools. Fevicol Science Project Challenge was launched last year (2011), as an honest quest to nurture the next generation of scientists and thinkers. It received great response from schools across the country and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

For the schools joining this movement this year, - Fevicol Science Challenge has a mandate to enrich the learning experience through a unique amalgamation of Art & Craft and other subjects taught at schools. Young minds are encouraged to make 3D models of subjects relevant to our lives. This is in keeping with the principle ‘learning by doing’ which promotes the kids to understand a subject in depth.

Eligibility: School to be divided into two groups

  • Junior Fevicol Science Project Challenge – Std 5 to Std 7
  • Senior Fevicol Science Project Challenge – Std 8 to Std 10

Challenge: Details on challenges can be found here Fevicol Science Project Challenge 2012

Prizes: Win a wonderful foreign trip that you’ve always dreamed of, with all the winners! A lot more exciting prizes are up for grabs too!
Final Round

  •     The winning teams, along with one accompanying teacher, will be awarded a foreign trip
  •     Winning team members will get trophies.
  •     Winning school will be given trophies.
  •     All team members of the final round will get tablet and certificates.

School Round

  •     Commendation certificate for all members of schools having 200 participants and more.
  •     Winner certificate for all members of school round winning teams.
  •     Participation certificate for all participants of school round.

Register your School for Fevicol Science Project Challenge 2012.

For more Information: Fevicol Science Project Challenge 2012

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