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Auro Mirra International School organizes Parent Enrichment Programme (PEP)

22 January 2013 / by The CampusEra (author)

Auro Mirra International School based in Ulsoor Bangalore, organized a "Parental Enrichment Programme (PEP)"for parents of children at the school, yesterday. The session was conducted by noted author and life coach Ms. Chitra Jha who has been engaging in remarkable research on parenting. Being a proactive engagement session for parents, PEP was organized to enrich parents and individuals to understand the growing years of their children and how they can contribute in their holistic development.

The session was organized especially for parents to help them understand their child's potential, interests and thereby helping the child to grow and become a better human being in the context of modern life. The ultimate aim of the session was to engage parents to make them understand that a child cannot grow in isolation, everyone or everything that a child comes in contact with affects the growing years of any child.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Harvinder Kaur, Director, India Council for Integral Education and Auro Mirra International School said, "At Auro Mirra International School we take the Integral Education approach that seeks to transform the being from within. The idea is transform the body, the heart, the head and seep into the deeper layers of the inner being. We have the vision of an education where the child is not a mere 'product', an education that lets a child be a child. Hence it is equally significant to engage parents to know about the physical, mental, emotional development of their child. With this aim we organized this PEP session for the enrichment of all parents."

The session was an interactive platform wherein parents participated in the discussion while imbibing of the wisdom shared. The plethora of knowledge that was divulged to parents in this session by Ms. Chitra Jha, left a remarkable impression on parent's mind about their child's growing needs and evolution.

As an experiential session, Parent Enrichment Programme was an attempt towards creating harmony, exquisiteness and a better understanding of the surrounding for the growing child.

About Auro Mirra School

Auro Mirra International School coming up in Ulsoor Bangalore is a unique concept institution based on Integral Education (IE). The school focuses on holistic approach that regards the child as a growing soul and helps him to bring out all that is best, most powerful, most innate and living in his nature. Integral Education (IE) as an approach helps a child to integrate with his/her true self, surroundings, society, country and humanity to become the complete being, the integrated being that he/she is meant to be.



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